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Friday, August 28, 2009

We decided that the best way to use up a lot of our veggies (and for me to really practice my knife skills AND debut my new apron) was to make a curry. About a month ago we made a red curry that was so good we raved for days about how we would never need to go out for thai food again. Today we made green curry, and the result is something of a mystery: The brand of curry paste is exactly the same, just the green variety, and we did exactly what we did last time (including the addition of The Secret Ingredient not listed on the curry paste tin - fish sauce). But instead of big curry flavour we were left with the taste of "hot"...and that's about it.

Green curry with red, yellow and green bell peppers, yellow beans and potato, served with rice

So the question is, did we do something wrong, forget something critical, or is the red curry paste just that much better?
Only time will tell, although our working hypothesis is too much coconut milk: We aren't positive, but we are pretty sure that last time we only used one can (because that's all we had), and this time - following the directions on the tin - we used two.

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