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Monday, October 12, 2009

Tonight we decided to revisit making our own gnocchi to see if we were able to learn anything from our last attempt. In preparation, my boyfriend watched a lot of videos on the internet of other people making gnocchi. Of course, they can tell you that their gnocchi comes out great, but really you don't know if they suffer from the same problem ours did last time: too heavy right after cooking (although ours loosened up with every day they were kept in the fridge).

In the end the changes we made were as follows:
1) we used the food processor to mash up the pumpkin (oh yeah, we used pumpkin instead of butternut squash) to get some air in there
2) we cut our gnocchi into smaller pieces.
3) my boyfriend experimented with a new dough-making method that involved adding flour to the paste while it was on the cutting board instead of in a bowl, but in my opinion this just made a bigger mess.
These don't seem like major changes, but for whatever reason this time our gnocchi were much better on the first day. We also served them in The Best Sauce Ever, so really they could have had the consistency of cardboard and still been delicious.

Pumpkin gnocchi with a pumpkin butter sauce (pumpkin butter, salted butter, salt, pepper, cream, pecorino cheese), topped with chopped apple & crumbled vegetable chips
Panko-crusted and fried barely-ripe tomatoes with grated pecorino
Pan-fried steak

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