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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Top Chef Finale & Premiere Night

We decided to be ambitious for our first meal as bloggers, and what better night to pretend we are Master Chefs than the night of the finale of Top Chef: Masters, and the first episode of Top Chef: Las Vegas.

6 Courses, 3 Hours, 1.75 Fails

First Course: Granny Smith apple slices with blue-brie and a red wine balsamic reduction

Second Course: Shrimp & Grits with monteray jack, sharp cheddar, green onions and bacon

Third Course: Squash quiche with shallots, cream cheese and aged Mexican queso.
(We intended this to be a tart, but it turned out great as a quiche, so no complaints).

Fourth Course: Chile Rellanos - Roasted red and green jalapenos stuffed with brie and aged Mexican queso, respectively, and a roasted poblano lined with roasted banana pepper and stuffed with monteray jack, all topped with some bacon strips

Fifth Course: Steak and home-made potato chips with fried shallots and mole-fail-sauce.
Yeah, that red sauce was supposed to be a mole - too much tomato, not enough chocolate.

Looks good...
...but either over-cooled or under-cooked

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