Aphorisms from the Professor: Brillat-Savarin

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is how my boyfriend and I differ: when I say I don't have a lot of energy to make dinner, the result is some variation of "cheese melted on something", sometimes fresh, often hailing from the freezer; when my boyfriend says he does not have a lot of energy to make dinner, we still get something original and delicious.

Mexican-inspired chicken hash: chicken, green pepper, green beans, tomato, cilantro and aged Mexican queso

Roasted potato, parsnip, garlic, acorn squash and butternut squash


  1. This beats the bowl of cereal or grilled cheese sandwich I have when I have no energy to make dinner-which is quite often.

  2. Ha, I'm impressed by what he can throw together!

  3. That is impressive. I'm a tomato soup and a grilled cheese when I'm not in the mood. My husband uses every ingredient in the house... not to mention leaving the kitchen for me to clean up!