Aphorisms from the Professor: Brillat-Savarin

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Garlic Teriyaki chicken

We were a bit disappointed with the cabbage. Ultimately it was a bit too sweet for us, and wasn't as satisfying as we had anticipated.
That being said, both the chicken and the bacon (there was bacon in the cabbage) were from the farm, and both were unbelievable - we really could taste the difference. I always thought that all bacon was created equal, but this was something else. (There would have been more bacon in the cabbage dish, but it was sitting on the cutting board, cooked and waiting to be added, and I actually couldn't stop eating it!) Now that we know how good it is we may have to get all our bacon from the farm. And the chicken - there is a quality to the meat that I have never experienced before with chicken, and it was incredibly moist.


  1. Hi Jenn - This is the boyfriend's aunt in Minnesota (Lynn told me about your blog). Love your creativity and scrumptious meals - yumm. Wish you lived closer so I could share my heirloom tomatoes with you. One of my favorite food blogs is Everybody Likes Sandwiches - I wonder if you know about that one (I love her food and her Vancouver 'flavor').

  2. Hi Faye, thanks for checking out our blog, and for the blog suggestion. Browsing food blogs is my favorite waste-time-at-work past time, so having a new one to add to the list is great. Maybe one day Matt will get to make us both something delicious with your tomatoes!