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Monday, November 16, 2009

Lighting Test

It is my new life goal to get a picture accepted on Food Gawker. Already this endeavor is giving me low self-esteem as three of my favorite pictures were rejected today. Where am I going wrong?? Since finding a pristine solid colour surface with nothing at all in the background isn't going to happen in our kitchen anytime soon (nor is acquiring a fancier camera), we decided to try and tackle what is within our reach: lighting. Tonight we tried bringing a desk lamp into the kitchen so I wouldn't start crying when my shadow was cast over every shot (this is my main photography woe - our kitchen is set up so there is no counter where I can put food and then not block the light when I stand near it to take the picture).

What do you think? Does the lighting look any better in this picture, or is there too much not-created-by-me shadow?

Ground beef, onion, garlic & gruyere in a roasted butternut squash bowl
Beets simmered in chicken stock with goat cheese & meat balls
Carrot, turnip & radish simmered in chicken stock

1 comment:

  1. The food looks incredibly delicious!!
    Perhaps Matt has to hold the lamp directly above the plate while you take the pic in order to reduce the shadows created by the food.