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Monday, November 23, 2009

How To Eat Meat

Check out this article from Huffington Post about how to avoid factory farmed foods. In particular, this article focuses on eating sustainable meats, although dairy products are also discussed.

I think that it is possible to eat meat responsibly and morally, and this article is wonderful because it provides practical tips for how to do so. Above all, I appreciate that one of the points made in the article is that baby steps are okay. One of the primary reasons my boyfriend and I joined a CSA was because, after reading Michel Pollan's books, I felt uncomfortable not knowing where my meat was coming from, and we were lucky enough to have a CSA in our area that does meat. One thing that surprised us was how much we could really taste the difference. Unfortunately, we just can't afford to buy all of our meat from the CSA, so it is nice to get affirmation that just getting eggs & one meal's worth of meat from the CSA each week over the summer was a notable and worthwhile step in the right direction.
We're actually very excited, because starting this Sunday we will be receiving a meat & eggs package from Avalon Acres every other week until April. Because there is no produce package for the winter, we can afford to get more meat each week, which is great.

Thanks Modern Gastronomer for posting about this before me, and pointing me to this article!

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  1. Here is a good video on the subject: http://meat.org