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Saturday, November 14, 2009

MYO...sushi...kind of...

After going out for a fancy dinner last night and stuffing ourselves silly, we needed something light tonight. My boyfriend decided that we should make our own sushi...despite not having proper sushi rice. This made things a lot messier during the eating phase than I would have liked, but you can't go wrong with these flavors. I am also not going to offer any tips on how to make your own sushi, since we had to consult youtube after our first (failed) attempt (note that the way the ingredients are laid out in the picture is NOT how you lay out the ingredients to roll sushi!). Good thing we had tons of both nori and rice so we could try again after watching this guy.

Sushi rolls: smoked salmon, carrot, avocado, radish & wasabi mayo
Panko-crusted fried tofu* on sauteed red cabbage
*We also took more pieces of the fried tofu and dipped them in wasabi mayo...seriously, that wasabi mayo is one of the best things we ever bought, and we are going to have to buy more THE SECOND we run out.

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