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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In this week's box...

One issue with nutritional advice is that people don't interpret it correctly. When people hear "eat more vegetables" they think of vegetables like carrots (which is the most popular answer when people are asked to list vegetables). But what we are supposed to hear is eat more leafy greens. Well, we are going to be extremely healthy this week, because we got THREE different kinds of leafy greens from our CSA.

I'm not the biggest fan of greens, but my boyfriend absolutely loves them, the more bitter the better, and he has been waiting for a CSA box like this. I guess I'm lucky to have him around so that he'll cook healthy food for me and make sure I eat it!

collard greens
turnip greens
rapini (so says the box, but my boyfriend disagrees)
4 apples
1 butternut squash
1 green pepper
2 sweet potatoes
9 beets
9 carrots

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  1. This box has my name all over it. I LOVE it all. mmmmmmmm