Aphorisms from the Professor: Brillat-Savarin

Monday, November 9, 2009

When I think of Japanese soup, I think of...squash?

Okay, so the flavor combination is a bit odd tonight, because we still had some Asian goodies from our trip to K & S, but we also have an abundance of squash from our CSA. My boyfriend tried to link the appetizer and entree with the tuna, but really the squash balls were so wonderful I would eat them with, before or after anything (we are buying more goat cheese so we can make these again tomorrow!). The tuna looked delicious when it was raw, but turned out to be sub-par once cooked. The problem is that tuna is a fish I prefer raw anyways, but for some reason raw fish is something we seem to trust more at a restaurant than in our own house, so I think in the end it was overcooked.

Balls of goat cheese coated in roasted acorn squash, panko breadcrumbs, then fried, served with seared tuna.
Soup with udon noodles, tuna, sauteed greens, garlic, onion, turnip & carrots


  1. I have bought "sushi-grade" ahi tuna at Harris Teeter and seared it at home so that it is essentially raw in the middle, as that is pretty much the only way that I will eat tuna. It was actually really good and there were no ill effects to be had... the key is to make sure the fish you buy is sushi grade. I am not sure about the stuff at K&S (I assume it's all very fresh, as they often have tanks of live things), but the Teet states explicitly that it is sushi grade, so that's where I go when we want seared tuna.