Aphorisms from the Professor: Brillat-Savarin

Monday, January 4, 2010

chili-style stew just got better

Ok, I tried really hard, but it isn't easy making a bowl of brownish-orange mush look enticing, especially when it is served in my boyfriend's brownish-orange 1970's-ski-lodge bowls. (I mock the bowls, but I secretly love them for this kind of food. My boyfriend put one serving of tonight's dinner in one of our new square bowls, and it just seemed WRONG!). But don't let the picture deceive you: this was absolutely delicious, and perfect for the unseasonably cold weather we are having. (My boyfriend just read over my shoulder and said he wouldn't describe the cold as "unseasonable", but whatever, I'm freaking cold!!!!)

So how did this deliciousness come to be? My boyfriend defrosted our leftover chili-style stew from almost a month ago, and - at my brilliant suggestion - threw in the leftover rice we had in the fridge. The flavor of the stew was even better than I remembered, and the rice added a wonderful texture.

Stew with beef, carrots, butternut squash, turnips, radishes, purple cabbage and rice, topped with Mexican blend cheese and served with buttered toast


  1. It *is* unseasonably cold for Nashville! After 12 days in Toronto I acknowledge it is not as cold as other places, but Nashville in Jan has never been this cold in the 5 years we've been here!

  2. Happy New Year! Love the idea of adding new ingredients to leftover...looks very hearty :-) Specially for the cold weather!

  3. I wish I was still in "Nashville-cold"
    Also, I wish I was still enjoying your bf's culinary adventures

    Last night I ate dinner rolls while unpacking