Aphorisms from the Professor: Brillat-Savarin

Monday, January 11, 2010

spinach + goat cheese + rutabaga + horseradish

Because we are having pork roast in our sandwiches this week, we planned to have steak for dinner tonight, so as to avoid "pork overload"...but then my boyfriend accidentally defrosted more pork. Interestingly, this particular cut (pork blade steak) was more similar to red meat than any other cut of pork I've had. (And please don't be fooled by the picture and think I'm a hypocrite after yesterday's post, there is a large bone in there plus most of the perimeter is fat, so there isn't an obscene amount of actual meat to be eaten here).
As for our sides, we were particularly thrilled with the flavor combination of everything together, and we hadn't even consulted The Flavor Bible. Actually, every time I talk about everything on the plate tasting really good (and sometimes better) all together, I want to laugh, and I'm sure my mom does too: as a kid I used to insist on eating every component of my meal separately and one at a time - so first all the veggies, to get the part I didn't like out of the way first, then all the meat, then all the potatoes (or whatever the other side was). So parents of picky eaters, don't worry, anything can happen!

Pork blade steak
Mashed rutabaga with horseradish
Sauteed spinach with garlic and goat cheese

(We also ate some of the leftover carrot soup, not shown here).


  1. Looks yummy. As you can see mother is always right...I told you-just taste it, you'll like it.

  2. Is rutabaga the same as turnip?
    I'd like the recipe for the mashed rutabaga with horseradish....I never thought of doing that and it sounds delish!

  3. Rutabaga is a kind of turnip, actually considered a cross between cabbage and turnip.

    The "recipe":
    Boil peeled and chopped rutabaga (this took longer than expected, i.e. seemed to require more time to cook than if we had been boiling potatoes)
    Mash with butter and horseradish

    That's the best I can give you! : )

  4. Your food and photography is so inspiring. Love following along in the experience.