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Saturday, February 6, 2010

the secret ingredient is maple syrup

My boyfriend's favorite ingredient to add to just about anything is maple syrup. He finds that it is the best way to insert a little sweetness without getting overly sweet, and it also has more depth of flavor than some other sweeteners.

Last weekend in an undocumented meal, my boyfriend made an incredible marinade for shrimp, and what was even more incredible was how easy it was to make: All he did was take salsa verde and add - what else - maple syrup. This made the perfect sweet-heat combination that was actually very reminiscent of some Chinese or Thai dishes. (Yeah, apparently Mexican + Canadian = Asian!). But seriously, this marinade was super-easy to make (we just combined two store-bought ingredients), but the flavor was really interesting and complex (and more importantly delicious). I would highly recommend trying it.

Tonight my boyfriend took the same marinade concept but turned it into a sauce/glaze. He also added cheese to the mix, which really emphasized the Mexican side of the flavors.

Roasted chicken with a salsa verde, maple syrup and cheddar cheese glaze

Black beans

Cherry tomatoes

Corn chips


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  1. Salsa verde and maple syrup...I never would have thought to combine the two!