Aphorisms from the Professor: Brillat-Savarin

Sunday, April 4, 2010

whole fish - seriously, a whole fish.

Dinner tonight was madness...wonderful, wonderful, madness. And it all started with buying a whole fish at K & S...because you can do that kind of thing there. Now I have seen my boyfriend butcher meat many times now, but somehow this seemed different. I attribute this to the fact that the meat has never still been in possession of its face. I felt a bit better about the whole thing when I learned that the fish was already gutted and de-scaled. But still. Something with eyes was inside my fridge.

Anyways, even though I was a bit freaked out by the whole fish, the preparation ended up being extremely quick and easy (we're talking 15 minutes to get the fish prepared for cooking), and the end result was great (because isn't everything made outside on the grill great?), we just had to be extra vigilant to avoid swallowing bones.

On tin foil, layer red cabbage, water cress, daikon radish and green onion

Mix together radish, jicama, green onion, cilantro (aka last night's leftover taco toppings), garlic and olive oil and stuff inside fish (in this case, red snapper)

Place fish on tin foil with layered goodness and wrap

Put on hot grill until fish is nice and flaky


  1. But the question is: did either of you eat the eye?!?! Because that is a delicacy in Asia, I believe...

    I would be freaked out of having something literally staring at me in my fridge too. It was weird enough when we bought some pork belly from K&S and took it home only to realize it still had a nipple on it! It took things to a whole new level...

  2. My Maltese grandfather used to always eat the eyes of whatever fish we were having. As kids it totally freaked us out. Now as a more adventurous eater I can say that eyes are pretty much "meh" and more of a mental challenge than a gastronomic one.
    I haven't tried pork nipple though...

  3. You know, eating the eyes never even crossed our minds...nor did the fact that it would be possible to get pork belly with a nipple...