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Saturday, July 3, 2010

better get inspired by sausage

I think this is the first time I've been a bit disappointed with our CSA: we are supposed to get 2 meat "portions", and this is the first time that both (huge) "portions" were of almost the same thing. And an ingredient I don't find particularly inspiring, no less. What are we going to do with 20 pork sausages?!?! Luckily my boyfriend loooooves sausage (we came very close to buying sausages at the grocery store prior to our CSA pick-up this morning, good thing we didn't!), so was able to come up with a great supper. It will be interesting to see how creative we can get as we work through these over the coming weeks.

Smoked pork sausage sauteed with cherry tomatoes, served with a beef broth, onion and garlic sauce

Spicy baked sweet potato chips:
sweet potatoes sliced thin and sprinkled with a 6 pepper blend*, then baked until crispy

*thanks Ricco, you were right - Matt did find a way to use it!

Served with a corn and lemon cucumber salad (not pictured, obviously):
Lemon cucumber, corn, white wine vinegar, salt
1) Lemon cucumber is sweeter than normal cucumber and so went great with the corn
2) This served as a great cooling element to combat the spice on the chips.

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  1. Mhmmmmm, sweet potato chips are just the right thing for 6 pepper blend. With those, I would go through all the pork like a breeze.
    As to oversupplies of meat products, I recommend making bigos, it's very versatile and keeps. And the best part is all the sauerkraut and paprika in it!