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Monday, September 20, 2010

changing up the flavors

Never get me wrong - I love participating in a CSA. But its hard not to get sick of some of the ingredients. Last year it was green beans, this year it is cucumbers and summer squash. So I did something crazy - I bought vegetables at the grocery store.

Some things I loved about tonight's supper: First, this was a definite change in the flavor profiles we've been hovering around lately, so that was great. Second, it's still hot here, so a heavy meat and potatoes is still not ideal eating. But, the celeriac in the mashed potatoes made them taste light because of that strong celery flavor. Third, I keep forgetting to mention that in the last few months any time we've made chicken using the leg meat, my boyfriend has deboned the chicken, knowing how much I dislike eating chicken off the bone - if that's not love, I don't know what is!

Fried chicken over a potato and celeriac puree with baked brussel sprouts

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  1. Just thought I'd take this opportunity to comment on your AMAZING blog and tell you that I got an AMAZING gift from you today! You're AMAZING!
    I have an exam Friday but will call you this weekend and we can talk in voices!