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Sunday, September 5, 2010

tomato & goat cheese tart

Today I was inspired by this post on Love and Olive Oil to use our fabulous CSA tomatoes to make a tart...but of course, this inspiration (and subsequent craving) occurred on the first day in months that we did NOT get tomatoes from our CSA! So I had to supplement our one remaining farm tomato with a store-bought tomato. This picture doesn't do the shocking difference in colour justice. Seeing the store tomato and farm tomato side-by-side was almost enough to make me consider not eating tomatoes from the grocery store again. Le grand sigh.

Now, onto happier things: the tart. I based this tart on the recipe provided by Love & Olive Oil, except I'm not as ambitious so used a store bought pie crust instead of testing my pastry skills. I also made one big tart instead of tartlets, and used dry instead of fresh herbs.

I absolutely loved the use of tarragon here. When I think of tomato I instinctively go to basil, and this was a nice change in flavor profile. Plus the smell of the tarragon while the tart was baking was just incredible.

Tomato & Goat Cheese Tart:
- lightly butter pie pan and then put crust in pan
- spread dijon mustard evenly on bottom of the crust
- layer tomato slices
- drizzle with olive oil
- add a generous amount of tarragon and a little bit of sweet basil
- top with goat cheese and more herbs
- fold over edges of crust
- bake at 425 for 30 minutes


  1. A friend gave me this massive heirloom tomato earlier this summer and I used it to make a similar tart, though I used a truffle cheese and some thyme instead of goat cheese and tarragon. I love what happens to Dijon mustard when you warm it in the oven! This is one of my favorite summer dishes.