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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mountain of Deliciousness

My boyfriend and I have now discovered one of the secrets to better food photography: double lighting! (Well, triple if you count the overhead light). After a brief argument where I couldn't understand why my camera always tells me that there isn't enough light when the pictures come out looking fine, we set up a double lighting situation, and I understood: there was enough light to get a decent picture, but not to get the best focus. I think you can see the difference in this picture - overall it's more "crisp". A step in the right direction, in any case. As a prize for being right, my boyfriend will now be helping me schlep two lamps into the kitchen every time I want to take pictures of our food. Actually, the next logical step is to find a place in the house where we can keep the lights set up permanently...but we're not quite there yet.

Mountain of Deliciousness, from the bottom up:
kale sauteed with garlic and bacon
sauteed sweet potato shreds
red pepper sauce

1 comment:

  1. That looks yummy and in focus. I want to eat at your house!!!
    Now, just throw a white sheet over everything for the background....Bec learned that in a session on taking baby pics.