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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kale & Sweet Potato Gratin

I saw this recipe for a swiss chard and sweet potato gratin on smitten kitchen, and it seemed like the perfect way to use up some of the ingredients we've been accumulating from our CSA.

Things we changed:
1) The biggest change is obviously that we used kale instead of swiss chard
2) We used some butternut squash in addition to sweet potato.
3) We supplemented some of the gruyere with comte that I found at the back of our cheese drawer, and since I am particularly fond of melted cheese, we also added a bit of extra Italian blend cheese on top.
I have to say that this was outstanding. Although my boyfriend loves the bitterness in greens, I'm less of a fan, and sometimes sweet potatoes can be, well, too sweet. Here the balance between the kale and the sweet potato was amazing - not too sweet, not too bitter, just perfect.

Pan-fried steak
Kale & sweet potato gratin: sweet potato, butternut squash, kale, onion, garlic, heavy cream, nutmeg, parsley, thyme, gruyere, comte & Italian blend cheese


  1. Wow, this does look really good! I have recently discovered that I love kale, and am always looking for ways to use it, so I am definitely going to try this dish in the future. Anything with that much melted cheese just has to be good!

  2. This looks luscious and I've got all the ingredients in the house to make it.