Aphorisms from the Professor: Brillat-Savarin

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Vision: Politically Incorrect

On my way home from work I stopped at Provence with the intention of buying some nice interesting cheese. While I did accomplish that goal (Italian truffle cheese!), I was completely distracted by the the fact that they were also selling pieces of foie gras, and I couldn't resist, despite how politically incorrect it is. So tonight's appetizer was my vision for the foie gras (inspired by the flavors I know it works well with - thank you food television!). The main course was my boyfriend doing what he does best: looking at the ingredients we have, and just starting to cook, without any ultimate plan or goal except to end up with something tasty.

Seared foie gras and apple with a red wine and balsamic reduction and julienned raw apple
Fried thinly sliced rib-eye garnished with slices of Italian truffle cheese and green onions, served with a creamy vegetable medley (carrots, cabbage, turnips & leeks).


  1. Not sure how it compares taste or pricewise to Provence, but we picked up an Italian truffle cheese a few weekends ago at Trader Joe's for a pizza we were making (also got the dough at TJ's). The truffle taste was quite mild but it was definitely there. I know you are a fan of TJ cheese, so thought I would mention it.

    Also, I recall watching an episode of No Reservations where Anthony Bourdain goes out of his way to show that ducks are not inhumanely treated in the pursuit for foie gras (at least at some farms; I'm sure there are places where the conditions are not great, but isn't that true of almost all animal protein?). I suppose it is still one of those un-PC foods, but perhaps that might ease your conscience some...

  2. Steph -- I *have* had the TJ truffle cheese (and their pizza dough). Between TJ and Provence it's difficult to say which truffle cheese is better, because I think the degree of truffle-ness is the same, but the cheese itself is different between the two...not better/worse different, just different.

    Amazing that Bourdain allows me to eat foie gras guilt-free! I knew I liked him! I have seen him eat at a restaurant where he eats about 10 foie gras dishes, but didn't remember him making it "okay"...probably because I was too distracted by the amazing food he was eating...mmmmm....