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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The New Yorker Food Issue

My downstairs neighbor, who has the pleasure of smelling all the delicious food my boyfriend cooks for me before the pictures are posted on the blog, subscribes to the New Yorker. Of course when she saw that the November 23rd issue was devoted to food, she knew I would need to borrow it.
Unfortunately, most of the food articles are not available online unless you are already a subscriber. The only one I could get in full is the piece about why we use cookbooks and follow recipes. Luckily for me (and this post!) this is clearly an article of interest to food bloggers, who basically create their own online cookbooks. It also attempts to explain my own behavior: obsessive recipe and menu-reading, but very little cooking; my main role in the kitchen is the collector of food facts, cooking tips and ideas that I pass on to my boyfriend who then puts it all into practice.
A short pod-cast from Calvin Trillin who wrote a wonderful piece about Poutine - the french fry, gravy & cheese curd concoction that is on the rise as Canada's national dish - is also available online. In this podcast he tries poutine at a New York Restaurant, T Poutine. I strongly recommend the New Yorker piece to anyone who can get their hands on it. It was fabulous, and possibly my favorite piece in the magazine (although as a Canadian I may be biased on this!).

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