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Saturday, December 12, 2009

salmon + apple? really? (...and more new plates...)

My boyfriend and I are developing a slight plate-buying addiction, justified by the fact that we need diversity in my food photography. My boyfriend has been eyeing these red and black plates at Target for a while (i.e. every time we go, since we always spend way too much time in the kitchen-wares section). Although I wasn't as excited about them at the time of purchase, all I could say when we ate off of them was how much I love them. (Stay tuned for our new black square bowls that will hopefully debut on the blog in the near future).

So tonight's dinner was inspired by new plates, the desire to properly poach - my boyfriend spent the afternoon reading about poaching in On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen - and The Flavor Bible, that gave us the following flavor affinity to work with: salmon + apple + horseradish. That we should try apple with salmon was great news, since we still have an entire drawer of apples from our fall CSA that we are struggling to use.
In the end the poaching cooked the salmon to perfection (really to more of a "just barely cooked", which I love), and the apple added a nice note to the vegetable medley.

Salmon poached in home-made vegetable stock with carrots, turnips, apple and horseradish, topped with creamed leeks

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