Aphorisms from the Professor: Brillat-Savarin

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

don't worry, we're alive

The delay since my last post is due to a combination of long weekends out of town, eating out, lots of grilling burgers outside (and then eating them there, too, i.e. no time for photos!), and then a string of less exciting meals that mainly consist of meat + veggies. Don't get me wrong, these are great, just less inspiring to post when I get busy.

As proof that we aren't starving to death, two recent meat + veggie meals:

Veal loin chop
Roasted potatoes
Steamed broccoli
Green leaf salad with home-made vinegrette dressing

Chicken breast

Sauteed beet greens, broccoli and purple spring onions

Mustard, horseradish and beer sauce

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  1. Glad to see you back! Looks like you have been eating pretty well.