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Sunday, May 9, 2010

In this week's box...

We were so concerned about of CSA farm last week. They knew they had suffered damage as a result of the flooding here in Tennessee, but it took several days for them to determine the extent of it. The only thing they knew right away is that they had lost an upsetting number of chickens. Amazingly, despite damage to property and fencing, nearly all of their spring crops survived! As a result, we didn't even miss a single week of our CSA, and we could not have been more thrilled.

This week's box was an explosion of green. Seriously, both of our veggie drawers are overflowing into the rest of the fridge. We don't get a list of what comes in the box, but we did our best to guess what all the different greens are. We did get one herb that despite our best efforts we still can't identify. It has a lemony smell, but is clearly not lemongrass (because it has leaves). Any guesses?

An obscene amount of green onion
1 bag of kale
1 bag of beet greens
1 giant head of green leaf lettuce
1 box of strawberries
Bok Choy
Broccoli Rabe
Mysterious, unidentified herb

Also: 6 eggs, 1 broiler chicken, 2 New York Strip steaks


  1. The flood in Tennessee was such a fluke of nature. Where the heck did that storm come from that caused the incredible flooding? Nature has a way of reminding us that she is control :-)

    Glad to know that the damage was limited to the farm where you receive your CSA. Sorry to hear about the chickens.

    I tried to think about what the mystery vegetable/herb might be...no clue. Let us know when you find out.

  2. Velva -- we *think* the mysterious herb was lemon basil, but it wilted before we could use it : (

  3. I think it may have been lemon balm, which pops up long before most basil. Did it look like this? https://www.artisticgardens.com/catalog/images/Balm_Lemon03.jpg
    Fresh or dried, it makes great tea and you can use it to infuse cream for your next panna cotta...

  4. gluttonforlife -- yes! I think you are right and it was lemon balm. Thanks for the info on how to use it!