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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

chilled soup plus

This is definitely up there among my favorite meals. Again the heat made us lazy and not hungry, to the point where it was starting to look like we weren't going to eat dinner at all. I was seriously considering just eating a bowl of cereal and calling it a day. But suddenly my boyfriend declared that he had a fantastic idea for something "small and amazing"...and he was right. I have decided that I prefer soups like this that have a nice creamy base with "toppings" compared to soups that are chunky and incorporate all the ingredients in the soup itself.

Chilled cauliflower and potato soup

Slices of seared pork blade steak

Snap peas, corn, beets and carrots sauteed with chili powder

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  1. Lovely idea with the soup, it's winter here in NZ and we are eating lots of soup so great to have new ideas.