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Sunday, June 20, 2010

everything slaw

My boyfriend and I are still feeling the repercussions of eating out for a week, and it is difficult to think of food without feeling nauseous. Yes, I am at a point where the thought of melted cheese does not make me feel good - I don't even know who I am anymore. Combined with the crazy hot weather, cole slaw is a perfect solution, because it is fresh and crisp but won't wilt. As my boyfriend said, suddenly he understands why cole slaw, potato salad and pasta salad are summer picnic favorites. And really, making a cole slaw doesn't get easier: just take all the veggies you have that are good to eat raw (and fruit too, I think green apple is a fabulous cole slaw addition), chop them up small (having good knife skills is a bonus here) and mix with a touch of something creamy (mayo) and a splash of some kind of vinegar.

Slaw: cabbage, cucumber, green apple, green onion, garlic scape, yellow carrot, apple cider vinegar, mayo and dijon mustard

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  1. Nice pic!!! I also like the new layout. The slaw looks very refreshing and healthy!