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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

finally, a preparation of summer squash I can get behind

We have been getting tons of yellow summer squash over the past few weeks, and I'll say it, I haven't been thrilled. While I like the flavor, I am not the biggest fan of the texture yellow squash and zucchini often develop when cooked. That's what I loved about how my boyfriend prepared these ingredients tonight: the julienne cut totally eliminated what I can dislike about the texture. Combined with soy sauce, the end result was something with an Asian-style noodle feel, which was great.

Also included with the squash was the first purple bell pepper I have ever eaten. I didn't even know bell peppers came in this colour - it could seriously be confused for an eggplant. I didn't get a chance to try it raw (my boyfriend was too swift in the kitchen!), and I wouldn't have known it was in there if my boyfriend hadn't told me. So I can only assume that purple peppers are very mild in flavor?

Cucumber salad: "peeled" cucumber*  garlic, red onion and red wine vinegar

*this is clearly my boyfriend's new favorite technique, where you take a vegetable peeler and literally peel the entire vegetable, see also our crispy potato peels

White fish poached in vegetable broth with red onion


Julienned yellow squash and zucchini sauteed with purple bell pepper, diced onion, vegetable broth, soy sauce, and sriracha

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