Aphorisms from the Professor: Brillat-Savarin

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

fish - and whatever we had in the veggie drawer - tacos

Fish tacos seemed like a great way to use the rest of the mahi mahi we defrosted yesterday, given that avocado and cilantro are two ingredients that pair very well with this particular fish.

But did we have avocado and cilantro in the fridge?


So instead of creating a classic, we went with something very unusual. My boyfriend sauteed up a whole bunch of random things from the veggie drawer, bacon and the mahi mahi, mixed everything together with some mayonnaise, and stuffed the mixture into some pita pockets.

The resulting combination may sound weird, but you know, it tasted good. And as always, the beets (yes, beets! With mahi mahi!) turned everything a pink colour that hovers somewhere between pretty and disturbing.

Sauteed mahi mahi, bacon, corn, green pepper and beets mixed with mayo and served in a pita pocket


  1. Heavenly. Im just enjoying your exquisite fotographs!Ive looked at your older posts and they are just gorgeous . both the food and fotographs. I like the colours that u use. ever so subtle and artistic. Tq . I enjoyed your blog. ANd tq for dropping by mine.;)

  2. That looks wonderful!!!Beautiful pictures.