Aphorisms from the Professor: Brillat-Savarin

Sunday, July 4, 2010

oh CSA, I can't stay mad at you...

So fine, I was not too happy about getting a bazillion pork link sausages from our CSA this week. But, this was also the first week we got TOMATOES!!! Of all the produce we get from the farm, I think that we taste the difference the most with the tomatoes. They are so meaty and flavorful, it is really unbelievable. Within about 2 hours of unpacking them yesterday my boyfriend and I went through about half of them - my boyfriend ate an entire tomato in the form of a tomato and mayo sandwich, and I went with my favorite go-to tomato snack: cherry tomato caprese salad.

Skewered Insalata Caprese on Foodista


  1. Love love love tomato and mayo sandwiches. These look lovely am so jealous. I think I want to get a tomato plant for my balcony. Nothing tastes better than sun-warmed tomatoes.
    Also, AS had her baby today. She's gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous salad! I absolutely love caprese too, especially with grape or cherry tomatoes like this. It's the definition of summer to me!

  3. Delicious!I might have to swing by the store on my way home tonight to pick up some tomatoes, just so I can have some of that salad for myself :)