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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

summer squash & potato gratin

Tonight's star was the side (made by yours truly). A friend and I were recently commiserating about how we are running out of things to do with yellow squash. Not long after, she sent me the link to this post on Smitten Kitchen, saying that she tried it and it was amazing. I'm not entirely sure why Smitten Kitchen calls this a "torte", since there is no crust or any kind, although the bottom layer of potatoes did get perfectly crispy and I suppose "crust-like". I'm calling it a gratin, since it is mainly layers of squash and potato with melted cheese. In any case, the parmesean cheese was a great match for the squash, and my boyfriend and I gobbled this up.

summer squash & potato gratin (adapted from Smitten Kitchen - we sadly had no green onions): yellow squash, Yukon gold potatoes, parmesean cheese, thyme, salt, pepper, flour

New York Strip steak

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