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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

in defense of summer soup

As the temperature creeps higher and higher this summer, I keep finding myself suggesting soup for dinner. What? Soup? But it's SUMMER! And it's HOT! Don't think I don't know these things. I've decided that what I like about creamy soups in the summer is that they feel effortless to eat: only one utensil necessary, and hardly any chewing required. When it's so hot out I hardly want to eat, these are both excellent qualities. Both previous summer soups have been chilled (see our chilled cauliflower soup and creamy cucumber gazpacho). Tonight was our first hot summer soup. Maybe chilled would have been more in the summer spirit, but whatever, it worked.

Tonight's specific inspiration came from cheap lobster tails at the grocery store and Sippity Sup, whose creamy corn soup with poached lobster was so much more beautiful than ours I almost don't want to give you the link. Now, we didn't follow his recipe (just took the idea for corn soup with lobster), and ours did taste good, I was just disappointed that it didn't turn out as beautifully yellow. Instead, we got something leaning towards the "brown" end of the spectrum (my boyfriend says this is because we had to use beef stock, i.e. what we had in the house).

Corn soup with lobster tail: corn, potatoes, sage, onion, garlic, beef broth

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