Aphorisms from the Professor: Brillat-Savarin

Sunday, July 25, 2010

what grows together goes together

As I was cutting the yellow squash for our curry tonight (no more curry fails, we went with an amazing pre-made sauce from Trader Joes that we've used before and loved), I started to wonder whether we could incorporate any of our other veggies. I knew that bell peppers are generally found in thai curries, but I couldn't imagine the combination of green peppers and yellow squash. But of course they pair nicely, because we got both in our CSA box last week - what grows together goes together. As if I needed more than a catch-phrase to convince me, listed in the Flavor Bible under bell peppers was "squash - especially summer squash". So there you have it.

Thai red curry with chicken, yellow squash, patty pan squash, green pepper and zebra tomatoes

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  1. I never thought about that, but it's true! great phrase :)