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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

saved by snap peas

After much deliberation, I am going to have to put tonight's dinner in the "fail" category...a salvaged fail, but a fail nonetheless. The plan was to make a green curry sauce. Unfortunately, neither my boyfriend or I had the foresight to realize that the curry paste we normally use contains more ingredients than simply curry powder. So we had all our ingredients in a pan with coconut milk, and we were just going to have a little taste before leaving it to simmer...and oh my god, our "curry" tastes burnt!. It was at this point that we realized the paste/powder distinction - "burnt" is what curry powder tastes like on its own. My boyfriend - being the brilliant boy that he is - instantly knew to start adding sweet ingredients (e.g., brown sugar) to counteract what I called "burnt" but what he better identified as "bitter". The end result was edible, but just okay as far as curries go. Luckily we had amazing snap peas from our CSA in there - they were so wonderfully crisp and crunchy that they totally stole the show. Despite the mediocre curry, I still went back for seconds to get more of those snap peas.

"Green curry" with coconut milk, chicken, snap peas, and chives served over rice

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  1. Ugh, I totally understand this failure. I was trying to make an Indian recipe that called for a bunch of spices that I obviously didn't have, and so wound up putting in various different things that I though could substitute in for things like "black mustard seed". Needless to say, we had something that was vaguely Indian but not really...