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Sunday, August 1, 2010

corn chowder with seared scallops

Corn and scallop are a brilliant combination, perhaps because they are both slightly sweet ingredients.

The method for making the chowder was roughly based on this recipe from Simply Recipes. In particular, this was where we learned about simmering the corn cobs themselves in the chowder (after the corn kernels were removed) to extract more corn flavor. But our end result probably tasted quite a bit different, since we omitted the ingredients we didn't have (carrots, celery, red pepper, thyme), and we substituted salami for bacon (like the cobs the salami was left to simmer in the chowder but was removed prior to eating). However, our best change to this recipe was adding cilantro. This was initially a last minute garnish to add a bit of colour in the presentation, but as soon as each of us had a bite with the cilantro, we immediately ran back into the kitchen to get more. The cilantro really took the flavors to a whole other phenomenal place.

Corn chowder: corn, red potatoes, milk, butter, onion and cilantro (plus salami, corn cobs and bay leaf, removed prior to serving)

Seared scallops:
1) rinse and dry the scallops
2) season with salt
3) heat butter and olive oil in a pan and keep at high heat
4) sear scallops for 2 minutes on the first side, 1 minute on the second side

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