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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

stuffed bell peppers

Most of the ideas for our meals have come from me recently - I am the one with extensive knowledge of our inventory, and the one who spends too much time looking at other food blogs and getting inspired. But while I may be the brains behind our delicious dinners, what I lack is the ability to execute my vision. To me, that's what my boyfriend is for (hello, see the name of the blog???). But recently my boyfriend has been trying to coax me into doing more cooking. Not just helping him when he cooks - if anything he refuses my assistance. He wants me to be In Charge. Although I suspect that he just wants a break, he keeps saying that he thinks I would like it. On the one hand I agree with him, but on the other hand I have all these weird fears about it.

Tonight I took the first step towards conquering said fears, and not only did I cook dinner all by myself, but I cooked like my boyfriend cooks - no recipe!!! Sure, I asked my boyfriend a ton of technical questions before I started that nearly culminated in a flow chart, but after that he was gone, and it was all me until plating time.

My boyfriend ate not only his ration of peppers, but also all the leftover stuffing from the pot on the stove. So either it was really tasty, or he just wants to convince me to do more cooking : )

Green bell peppers stuffed with pork sausage, rice, tomato and red onion seasoned with garlic, cumin, chili powder and Italian herb blend, topped with melted mozzarella cheese

Served with a side of corn

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  1. Look at you! You're a natural. So at some point you might need to add the tagline "...and sometimes I cook for him"??