Aphorisms from the Professor: Brillat-Savarin

Monday, November 1, 2010

looks basic? I promise there is a flavor combination in there that will shock you

Looks like a simple meal, right? There's a beautiful piece of lamb, some sauteed brussel sprouts with garlic and bacon, nothing too earth-shattering...

But wait.

What is that orange blob in the distance?

Are you sitting down? I am going to list the ingredients for this dinner-sandwich-side (I hope your interest is already piqued by the side item I don't even know how to name):

Butternut squash puree 

(so far so good)

chive and onion cream cheese

(okay, that still kind of makes sense).


(because...why not?)


(Yes. Nutella.)

And now for the biggest surprise of all: this was delicious. You would think that the bacon would steal the show, as bacon is wont to do. But surprisingly I didn't even realize the bacon was in there until my boyfriend told me, and even then it took a back seat to the chives, that went so well with the nutella I was amazed. Yet more proof that nutella is the best thing since (and with!) sliced bread.

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  1. wow... that is a crazy combo. i'd be worried it would be cloying...