Aphorisms from the Professor: Brillat-Savarin

Friday, January 14, 2011

first home-cooked meal in brooklyn!

See, I told you we'd be back. And after eating out for almost 2 weeks straight, my boyfriend and I are just itching to get back to our kitchen and home-cooked meals (not to mention vegetables, which we never seem to get enough of when we eat out). Not that we can really complain: if you have to constantly eat out, New York is the place to be. Everything we have put in our mouths (running the full gamut from street food to fancy food) has been The Best.

We finally got our first big grocery shop out of the way this morning, and almost immediately my boyfriend got to it. I was thinking it would just be nice to have eggs and toast. But my boyfriend clearly had some creative energy stocked up, and we ended up with beautiful crepes.

The photo set-up still needs some sorting out because, as you can probably imagine, in New York we do not have the space for a permanent photo studio with fancy lights and a tripod like I had in Nashville - thank goodness for autolevels in Photoshop! But, our kitchen is amazing, which is clearly more important...for now...

Crepe with plum tomatoes, spinach, prosciutto, Spanish cheese (can't remember the name, just know that it is NOT Manchego.....) and a perfectly poached egg


  1. so glad you are back!!!

  2. Glad you are back! I think you should do a post on your new kitchen. I want to see some photos!

  3. I agree that NY is the place to be if you want to run the gamut of all the different food types. So glad to hear that your new place has a great kitchen - that is the one requirement of mine for any future abodes.

    It is Restaurant Week here in Nashville, so Tony and I are finally going to try out Watermark tonight! It's 3 courses for $30.11, and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.