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Sunday, October 3, 2010

the best acorn squash soup. ever.

I wasn't planning on taking a picture tonight, because we were "just having soup", and it was an eerie neon yellow colour that I didn't think would photograph well. Little did I know this would be the best soup my boyfriend has ever made. No exaggeration. The. Best. I am literally excited to eat the leftovers tomorrow. So we had to take a post-eating picture of the last bite, just so I could write a post about it. Yes - it was that good.

The soup excelled for two reasons:
1) Balance of flavor. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend didn't measure any quantities of anything (he never does), so unfortunately our recipe is not that helpful...But I will mention a surprise ingredient that I'm sure helped here, creamed honey. As you may recall, my boyfriend has an obsession with adding maple syrup to just about everything, because sometimes you need a little sweet to really accentuate the savory. Well, creamed honey is the new maple syrup.

2) Texture. Here I can be a bit more useful, because I am convinced that the perfect silky texture can be attributed to the coconut milk. I tend favor the creamy soups, and this is the first time my boyfriend really nailed it; this is also the first time we've used coconut milk for soup. Coincidence? I think not!

Actually, I suspect that coconut milk was a key player in getting the flavor to be so subtle and perfect...so really I think what I wanted to say can be summed up in a single sentence: Use coconut milk when making winter squash soups, it is not a mistake.

The Best Acorn Squash Soup. Ever.
- roasted acorn squash
- caramelized onions & garlic
- coconut milk
- creamed honey
- cloves
- ginger
- turmeric
- cumin

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  1. I'm so happy to have your tip about the coconut milk because I'm planning on making squash soup very soon! Your are so lucky to have a boyfriend who cooks such wonderful things for you!